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Measuring the wind affecting a turbine is crucial to a turbines optimization whether that turbine is located onshore or offshore. Galetech Measurement Services deliver to clients the accurate measurement of the power curve, average yaw misalignment, turbulence intensity and nacelle transfer function.  

Galetech Measurement Services LiDAR Measurement

Lidar Measurement

We deliver accurate wind measurement campaigns that meet any clients requirements and for any campaign duration. With our extensive fleet of Zx300 and Windcube Lidar’s we offer a turnkey service that includes everything from installation right through to decommissioning. 

Galetech Measurement Services LiDAR Measurements


We are specialists at working in remote & challenging environments, and we have a wide range of specialist machinery and equipment to combat even the toughest conditions.

Galetech Measurement Services LiDAR Measurements

Data Monitoring

We offer 247/365 monitoring to ensure maximum data availability and performance.

Galetech Measurement Services LiDAR Measurements

Remote Power Supplies

We have a full range of remote power supplies solution which are designed and built to withstand challenging environments. With our remote performance monitoring, combined with our power supplies we ensure that our measurement units run seamlessly and with no outages.

Galetech Measurement Services LiDAR Measurements

Asset Management

We offer a full Lidar Asset Management service. We can store, maintain, deploy and  regularly relocate units for clients. With this solution we essentially remove the challenge of owning a Lidar and we just deliver the reporting you need. 

Galetech Measurement Services LiDAR Measurements

Service & Maintenance

We have technician team that offers Lidar service and maintenance across Ireland, the UK and Continental Europe. We have also worked on projects that are stretched across South Africa and in 2022 we entered the Australian market. 

Galetech Measurement Services LiDAR Measurements

Financial Grade Compliant Reporting

A comprehensive installation report is available upon request for all our Lidar installations. This reporting is compliant with financial grade, energy assessment requirements. 

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